Music Production Classes in London

I teach music production classes in East London to help you bring your tracks to life. My approach helps you to understand the core of music production and work towards achieving mastery of your own sound, working with you in a bespoke, one-on-one session that’s tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll work together during the music production lessons to help you improve your weakest areas while augmenting and showcasing the things that you’re best at.

At its core, music production is the art of creating music that resonates with the listener, so during the course I’ll help you to understand each part of production and why it matters, eventually building up your skills in a cascading effect. With the cumulative learning that each session brings, we’ll come closer to mastering the art of music production and helping you to create the sound that works for you – and your audience.


Sound Engineering/Mixing Lessons

I also offer sound engineering courses in East London and online. Wherever you are and whatever your current skillset – from beginner to professional – I’ll be able to help you to navigate the more intricate areas of sound design and mixing to give you the best understanding of any sound mixing classes in London. Whatever age you are and whatever style of music you’re interested in mixing, I’ll be able to give you the skills you need to stand out and exceed your expectations.

Sound mixing allows you to hear each sound within a track and gives you complete control over your own individual sound, allowing you to show off what you’re truly capable of. With the in-person classes in East London and the online classes – along with the outside support that I offer – you’ll be able to reach your goals in no time!

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