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This is a portfolio of major recent work highlights by Iona Catherine for you to browse and get a sense of her work as a professional musician. Iona Catherine will use her vast wealth of experience to guide and support your learning, whichever musical path you choose. Enjoy!

"Please Use Other Door" for BBC Radio 4

Commissioned by "Spitting Image" and "Dead Ringer"s Bill Dare, Iona produced, mixed and mastered the soundtrack for hit BBC Radio 4 prime time show "Please Use Other Door".


Folk Of The Round Table

As a professional folk violinist, Iona is one of the organisers of successful London folk night "Folk Of The Round Table" which sees over 40 participants every week.

Anora Air

Iona runs her own folk x pop music artist project in which she produces and releases her own songs and plays gigs on the violin around London with her band.

Two Larks Productions Ltd

Iona is co-CEO of new female-led music production company "Two Larks Productions Ltd". Launched in May 2023, Two Larks have already recorded various artists including folk band "Goblin".



Iona was a guest violinist at a recent metal artist Myrkur's London gig which garnered a review from the Financial Times. 

"the violin and cello generating a near-psychedelic drone that gave Bruun’s startling soprano — she hit high notes that might have summoned dogs from miles around — space to swoop around to find the melody"

Amputee Undefined

Iona composed and produced the soundtrack for Paralympic Sophie Kamlish's LIAF nominated short film "Amputee Undefined":

Runaway Killers

Iona mixed and mastered the soundtrack (by Hugo Craft-Stanley) for Nacho Martin Sierra's film "Runaway Killers" which premiered in major cinema Odeon West End in London.

Ehsan Imani

Iona has collaborated a number of times with leading Iranian metal guitarist Ehsan Imani, including writing lyrics and providing vocals and violin for songs "Restless Dreamer" and "Inside Out".

Vanda Essay

Iona was a part of pop music artist Vanda Essay's big band on the violin in a recent set at the Albany, Deptford (London).

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