Songwriting Course in London

I’ve specialised in teaching songwriting skills to students of all ages, and when it comes to songwriting lessons, it’s never too late to start. Whatever your ambitions for writing and performing your own songs, I’ll be able to help you through intuitive and skill-based music lessons in East London.

My songwriting classes focus on centring you, providing a completely bespoke lesson to all of my students. We can work together to begin to draw out your personality – remembering that no two musicians are ever the same! This focus on you is important for creating music that resonates with how you feel and who you are, while still learning songwriting skills that can attract a wider audience.

We’ll also focus on the technical aspects of the process, with my songwriting lessons aiming to give you everything that you need to break down a song into its constituent parts, and to recognise how you can improve your own writing technique. Although many people think of writing a song as an intuitive process, there are several “rules” that can make the whole procedure much more approachable. At Learn How To Music, you’ll learn the basic steps to get you started all the way up to the more advanced aspects of songwriting.

Online Songwriting Lessons

As well as in-person songwriting lessons, I also offer online one-to-one songwriting classes aimed at providing all students with the classes that they deserve. Wherever you are, be sure to get in touch with me to see when I’m available to offer one-to-one songwriting classes for you.  

Contact me today to learn more about how we can work together on improving your songwriting skills. My songwriting classes in East London provide all aspiring and established musicians with the skills that they need to move forward with their own careers and creates a baseline for them to progress as they see fit. When you come to Learn How To Music, you won’t be let down by the level of attention and standard of teaching – unmatched elsewhere in East London.