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Want To Learn The Violin?

My violin lessons are for anyone, no matter how young or old, who wants to learn to play the violin within the context of folk, pop and/or rock. For beginners, we will look at the basics of classical violin technique to ensure safety whilst playing, as well as how to read music and basic music theory. We will look at folk, pop, and rock repertoire, and begin to look at the techniques that can be used to make these genres come alive on the violin. 


Standard violin, electric violin, and 8ve violin can all be explored, as well as how effects pedals such as loops, reverbs, delays and distortion and more can be used to modify the sound of your playing into something truly unique and expressive. For more advanced students all of the above can be explored, as well as a more personalized look at performance technique, pushing the boundaries of artistry, violin composition, and advanced violin technique. Sessions will be presented in a supportive way through the exploration of repertoire, practical tasks, practice plans, and constructive discussion.


I am trained to grade 8 level in Scottish folk violin, grade 7 in classical violin, grade 5 in music theory, and level 3 in pop/rock performance. 


I have been gigging and recording in folk and popular genres for over 10 years, developing a strong sense of musicality, technique, and performance. I have worked with major artists including Myrkur (black metal band), Ehsan Imani (metal guitarist), Hogwash (ceilidh band), and also host a folk night.



"Iona is a very patient and fantastic violin teacher! My 6 year old son loves her lessons and looks forward to them every week. He has learnt violin so quickly and I am grateful for all Iona’s help."


"Exceptional and very patient teacher. I was a "mature student" who had never touched a violin before but was immediately put at ease with a tailored training programme that focused on the type of music I enjoy. Most recommended!!!"


"Really great violin/fiddle tutor. Incredibly knowledgeable and keeps the lessons interesting and fun. Very reliable."


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Get in Touch

Find out more about my schedule and how I can help you with learning the violin. Call today on 07599 374182 or email me at for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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