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Want To Learn Music Production?

At its simplest, music production is the careful creative process of capturing and showcasing the raw recordings of a track, arranging them in the sonic sphere in such a way that a listener can truly connect with the artist's intention. More complexly, it can build an intriguing world of sound around the core songwriting elements through synthesis and sound design, extra recorded or MIDI instruments, field sounds, and piles of SFX and plugins such as reverbs, delays, pitch shifts, EQ's, compressors, distortions, and more, surrounding the listener with energetic aural intricacies. 


I teach all of this and more to my music production students, beginning with the basics of how to use music production software and how to put sounds together, leading through to how to lead and create successful fully produced and mixed music projects.


I am a professional music producer working on regular commissions for the likes of BBC Radio 4, Bill Dare (of Spitting Image/Dead Ringers), Ehsan Imani (metal guitarist) and more.



"My experience of learning music production with Iona has been overwhelmingly positive. She has excellent knowledge which she teaches in an accessible easy to understand way for a complete novice like myself. Also, she is a brilliant facilitative teacher, encouraging you to put things into practice. I was totally intimidated by the parameters of Logic Pro but now I’m beginning to get my head round it and have fun with it thanks to Iona."


"My 12 year old daughter wanted to learn music production. Being Windows based we went down the Ableton live route (Industry standard). I had no idea about the software at all. We came across Iona whom was "local". Her in depth knowledge of Ableton and her strong music background have been a perfect fit for tuition. My daughter has a weekly 1 hour lesson via zoom and has progressed with basic setup to compiling beats and working towards songs. She has covered midi, instrument selection and use of microphone. Ableton is far more complex than I realised and having 1:1 with Iona I have seen great progress. My daughter looks forward to lessons and most importantly has fun with Iona making music!"


(via Google Reviews) 

Get in Touch

Find out more about my schedule and how I can help you with learning the craft of songwriting. Call today on 07599 374182 or email me at for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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