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Want To Learn Songwriting, Composition, or Film Scoring?

My lessons are for anyone who wants to learn the art of songwriting or of composition. For songwriting, we can look at everything from the basic components of a song and how they fit together, to the analysis of existing songs, understanding a wide range of literary devices and how they are used in lyric writing, song forms and structures, music theory, composing music for songs, idea generation, how to express yourself creatively, development of your own musical identity, and, of course, learning how to write great songs!


For composition lessons, the focus will be on the analysis of existing works, understanding the components of a work, instrumentation, texture, timbre, tonality, harmony, tempo, rhythm and structure, and, similarly to songwriting, how to express yourself creatively and the development of your own musical identity.


For film music lessons, the focus is inclusive of elements from both composition and songwriting but will also include the learning and use of film scoring technology (DAW's) and production techniques as well as the ins and outs of film scoring techniques which do differ from those in regular songwriting and composition.


More advanced sessions in all of these areas can also include teaching in recording and production with access to music studios and professional recording facilities included, as well as, if wanted, industry guidance and support. Sessions will be presented in a supportive way through constructive discussion, practical tasks, worksheets, and writing sessions.


I am a professional songwriter, composer, and film composer, completing regular commissions and constantly building on my research and knowledge into the field, including scoring 'Amputee Undefined' animation for Paralympic Sophie Kamlish, Royal Television Society award winning film 'Go For Alayna', and the launch of my own music artist project 'INCONNIA'.



"Iona is a passionate, dedicated and highly intelligent individual who has the ability to make what seems impossible, possible. Her lessons are fun and tailored perfectly to the needs of the student. If you want to learn music, then learn here!"


"Excellent teaching. So friendly and high quality. I’ve learnt so much and feel confident in my abilities."


"Iona is an excellent teacher & mentor. Very approachable & super professional. I would highly recommend."


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Get in Touch

Find out more about my schedule and how I can help you with learning the craft of songwriting, composition or film scoring. Call today on 07599 374182 or email me at for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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